Executive Search/Head Hunting
It is the preferred form of search for senior and middle management level openings where our data bank which we maintain at our end of candidates at these levels in different industries is utilized to pin point a suitable candidate. We also do an external head hunting and zero down our search for a suitable candidate in the industry. In this process we at our end might have to meet and interview a large number of probable candidates and out of which just a few are finally recommended to our client for assessment and selection at their end. This whole exercise we feel is vital since our client will be saving a lot of valuable time and money in interviewing, selecting, training and ultimately absorbing the right candidates in its ranks.

Database Search
This service is mainly suitable for fulfilling manpower requirement for executives & junior management professionals. We have a large database of professionals in different fields and functional areas and our internal database search engine is able to pinpoint relevant candidates as per the required profiles of our clients in a very short time thus enabling quick recruitments at a short notice.

Job Postings
This is for the profiles of the openings where mass recruitment is required and can be done in job portals, classified ads in print media. Though suitable to reach a very large number of candidates, we at Golden Arms are involved in searching for relevant resumes among the responses received against the job postings.

A very specific and project based, Business Strategizing is done by us where our team of very senior consultants are involved. In the ever changing business environment, business strategizing plays a key role in the success of the organization. It can involve areas like new projects, products or markets.