Our Belief
Our success is solely dependent on the success of our clients. For a business venture to be profitable it is the people who run it matter most and that is where our involvement is.

Our success mantra
It is our commitment and involvement in the assignment given to us. This is amply reflected in the growing number of successful placements, which we are making in our clients.

Inception and objective
With the growth of the economy, it had been felt by the organizations that right talent acquisition is becoming increasing difficult and they were facing several recruitment challenges. Reducing hiring pain and time and mastering the art of cherry picking the right talent were two important areas which required attention. The growth of internet created a situation where the same candidate was offered alternative jobs by different organizations and some of them were left high and dry when the selected person backed out at the last moment or there were many misfits, result – hiring started sucking time and money of the recruiters.

It has been observed that organizations tend to spend a lot of time and money dealing with the recruitment process when it is done by the internal HR management system. The total cost of recruitment becomes higher for an organization as it combines the cost of in-house recruiters, job portal, occasional and adhoc consultation fees, and additional maintenance expenses. Besides, job recruitment process is a non-core function of the organization.

As a result, recruitment process outsourcing became the ideal option, where competent recruitment consulting firms deal with the company’s internal recruitment function. These specialized recruitment consulting firms have required knowledge and expertise in managing end-to-end job recruitment process. For this, selecting the appropriate recruitment agency became very important, a recruitment consultant who could understand their need and also deliver on time.

To fulfill this need for a good recruitment consulting firm, Golden Arms came into existence in 2004 with an aim to provide recruitment related services to its clients. The business is characterized by a high quality service which is both professional and personal, born from a passion to be seen as a class apart from competitors.