To produce results as per the expectations of our clients, the recruitment team at Golden Arms has to follow a standardized proven procedure involving different steps which not only took into account the skill fit of the candidate but also cultural fit.

The first and the foremost step was understanding the industry of our clients i.e. before approaching a client a lot of deliberation is done regarding our understanding of it as well as capabilities of our recruiters against it.

Once we start providing our services, an analysis of the clients need is done. This is similar to a medical practitioner identifying the cause of the disease and not only going by the symptoms which is similar to their requirement. To understand the need properly, recruiters with years of experience are required and this is where we specialize in.

Understanding the client need is followed by the recruitment team searching for the right talent. We at Golden Arms use various sources to sort out the best candidate and which will involve tapping different sources . The contact is made with the identified candidates to grade them and also to know their level of interest in this particular opening.

From the list of the sorted candidates, the lead recruiter will initiate the first level of short listing by making assessment of skill set including technical and communication skills as well as cultural fit. This also includes a general information check of the candidate to find out the authenticity of the information provided by them. The right candidates out of this list are then recommended to our client for evaluation and decision at their end.

The whole process results in saving in time and money for our clients.